With more than 14 years experience in the Marketing industry i have had the opportunity to work across all facets of marketing (from traditional to digital and everything in between) and within both corporate and agency environments.


Not only has this enabled me to develop extensive supplier relationships, proven i have the ability to create rapport with almost all personality types (from technie's to creatives) and seniority levels but it has also meant the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of industries (from sport to vehicle tracking) and across a number of projects - ensuring my skillset has been broadened extensively.

I am a working mom who values the flexibility consulting provides in order to succeed at both (not perfectly but as best i can).


Recent environmental and economic conditions have taught us the value of maintaining a lean core team, making us (as consultants) more valuable as independent, yet interdependent, team members. 

I am passionate about brands, engagement and returns and look forward to discussing yours soon!