10 Good Reasons to hire a Freelancer Post-Lockdown

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Considering the country’s economic condition and companies having to downscale to preserve cash flow, there are lots of good reasons to consider hiring a professional freelancer after lockdown.

Here are the Top 10:

  1. Freelancers generally have a wider skillset and experience across multiple industries, enabling organisations to capitalise on fewer employees for specific projects or roles.

  2. Similarly, freelancers have established long-term relationships and an extensive database of valuable connections, suppliers, colleagues and specialists over the years of working within various industries and organisations, providing additional value and intellectual property which a company may otherwise not have access to.

  3. Freelancers monetize their hours so time literally is money – meaning greater productivity and efficiency as our income depends on our ability to execute projects timeously.

  4. Rates per hour, or a set monthly retainer can be negotiated, ensuring you obtain the services required at an amount which is viable within your post Covid-19 budget.

  5. Freelancers invoice at month end as opposed to being added to the Payroll. This means saving money as they don’t require benefits (such as medical aid, paid leave and pension fund contributions) or incur tax contributions such as UIF and PAYE.

  6. Working on a per hour, freelance basis enables your business to adjust during quieter periods as opposed to sustaining full-time salaries even when sales or projects are seasonal.

  7. In times of extreme economic disruption (such as Covid-19), unlike with permanent employees, there are no lengthy notice periods or labour law requirements should you need to terminate the contract. Likewise if the service delivery has not met your expectations.

  8. Freelancers are generally equipped for working remotely with their own mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi connectivity, programs and operating systems, removing the requirement for companies to provide equipment and desk space.

  9. Freelancers don’t have the luxury of job security and are therefore more motivated to do the best possible job. Companies can expect value for money from the retainer as freelancers work effectively, demonstrating their worth.

  10.  Often a fresh perspective is the difference between good and extraordinary. Employees who have been working within a specific company culture for long periods of time can often become accustomed to do things ‘the way they’ve always been done’ where freelancers can provide valuable input and fresh perspectives.

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