The Importance of Content Creation in a Crisis

Covid-19 has single-handedly rendered almost every well-thought through marketing plan irrelevant over the past few months as companies are forced to pivot, adapt their messaging and plan for a very different looking future. 

Some companies have stopped marketing altogether as they take stock of the current crisis and the subsequent lockdown’s impact on the economy and others consider it insensitive or wasteful, but I’m a firm believer that this is in fact the best time to be talking to your customers. Sure, a hard sell approach is unlikely to be effective (depending on your industry), but people are spending significantly more time scrolling social media feeds, streaming videos and consuming significantly more content daily – providing a captive audience, provided you’re offering what they want to hear. To cut through the clutter and remain connected with your customers, the best thing you can do is create valuable, relevant and useful content.

 The crisis won’t last forever - sure it will change the future - but we will move forward collectively and it’s important to keep a long term perspective – investing in content now gives you an advantage and greater brand awareness while online activity is high and many competitors are scaling back. Use your content to serve customers in new ways in order to build stronger relationships and greater affinity with your brand for future benefit. For example, online video tutorials, Facebook Watch Party cooking demonstrations and concerts and Zoom workout sessions have all taken centre stage during this pandemic, serving people where they are – at home. For some, this presents an opportunity to rethink your distribution channels altogether in order to scale the business for global growth and new potential revenue streams.

 Creating content can be time consuming however, and whilst many companies and entrepreneurs focus on adapting business strategies and pivoting operations, it can become side-lined in lieu of immediate revenue generating activities.

The Solution? Outsource content creation to a professional.

 A content creator is someone who is responsible for contributing information to any media, but particularly digital media during this lockdown period, such as blogs, email newsletters, social media copy, video scripts and eBooks or digitorials.

 Reasons to consider hiring an Online Content Creator:

 1.   Content is what makes people take action. Visual elements of marketing make a first impression but it’s the content that creates a lasting impression.

2.   Content tells your brands story. People buy from people so utilise content as a tool to build affinity, relationships and loyalty.

3.   Content makes your brand relatable. Use blogs to show customers you understand their struggles and difficulties before offering the proposed solution.

4.   Content has benefits for SEO. Content is also a means drive website traffic and page visit duration, boost website ranking through enhanced keyword targeting and fills gaps in the sales funnel.

5.   Content provides opportunity to influence behaviour. Take your customers on a journey that leads them in an inevitable direction by providing a strong call to action.

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